Keeping Your Sacred Space

sp“Your heart was lifted up because of your beauty; You corrupted your wisdom for the sake of your splendor; I cast you to the ground, I laid you before kings, that they might gaze at you. “You defiled your sanctuaries By the multitude of your iniquities, By the iniquity of your trading;  (Eze 28:17-18 NKJ)

The picture in Ezekiel is one of flaming stones and sanctuaries situated around the mountain of God.  Lucifer would minister to God by leading those around the throne in worship.  The scripture says, however, that when pride entered Lucifer, he was determined to destroy, infiltrate and defile the sanctuaries.

Keeping your own personal sacred space as a sanctuary is important. Satan still wants to defile that space and fill it with anything and everything that takes away your peace, and sanctity.  Anything he can do  to take your eyes off of God and destroy your worship. Guard, therefore your sacred space, it is precious in the eyes of God.

About Terry Threadwell

Dr. Terry Threadwell has thirty five years ministry experience. Author, educator and Director of the Institute of Progressive Pentecostal Studies.
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