democracyDemocracy (Greek: δημοκρατία, Dēmokratia literally “rule of the commoners”), in modern usage, is a system of government in which the citizens exercise power directly or elect representatives from among themselves to form a governing body.

So do we still have a democratic form of government? In the recent election, votes are still being counted, but the Associated Press’ election results show the Democratic candidate, 69, leading the Republican nominee, 70, by 797,724 votes (0.62 percent of voters). According to the AP’s tally, Clinton earned 61,324,576 votes (47.85 percent), and he garnered 60,526,852 votes (47.23 percent). CNN reported that Trump is likely to lose the popular vote “by anywhere from 500,000 to over a million votes.” Numbers tallied by the Cook Political Report suggest Clinton’s lead may already be over 990,000, and yet she did not win.14890358_10211643429347770_166677531861726987_o

And what about those corporate lobbyists from the oil and medical industries that buy the silence of our legislators on any issue that may affect their bottom line? It seems as though the commoners have lost control and are now told what to believe and be happy with what they have.