Liberty is Crying!

libertyI want to report an act of domestic violence and abuse. Lady Liberty was seen crying, having been beaten, abused, harassed, and threatened.  This recent episode is not the first occasion; in fact, it has been going on for years.  Abused because she was native, black, brown, Asian, Muslim, Gay, Jewish, Female, a slave, in fact, it was just because she was different.  Her abuse was part of her manifest destiny; God must have predestined her shame and abuse, or at least, so it was claimed. She arrived in 1746, in shackles, a gift from one colonial master to another, the transfer of property.  Though her physical chains were removed, the psychological, emotional and spiritual chains remained.

Don’t blame Donald Trump; he is just a man.  Through his words and actions, we have seen evidence of all of Lady Liberty’s abusers across the decades. A manifestation of systemic evil that lies deep at the roots. Only the love of God, neighbor, brother, sister and even out enemies will bring about change. The kind of love that is forgiving and unconditionally accepting of Lady Liberty’s differences and diversity. Liberty, we ask your forgiveness, for we have all at some time raised our hand against all that you stand for.